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Educating, Equipping, and Empowering for Success

Helios was founded to help you understand and manage the college admissions process so it's a positive experience. The more you know about what colleges want and how they evaluate you, the more you are in control. Helios helps by educating you about the aspects of the college admissions process, equipping you to make the best decisions for yourself, and empowering you to find and gain acceptance to schools where you will thrive. Through personalized, comprehensive college counseling, Helios helps you make the most of high school while preparing for success in the college admissions process.


Julie Simons headshot

Julie Simons

Founder & Director of College Counseling

Diana Lazarus headshot

Diana Lazarus

Associate Director of College Counseling


While college admissions get more competitive and therefore more stressful every year, there is a healthy way to approach the college admissions process and be poised for success. With the right support, the college admissions process becomes positive and exciting. An independent college counselor can give you an advantage by providing insight and helping to manage your college admissions process so it is easier and more rewarding.


Julie is an experienced college counselor with a proven track record. She loves what she does and feels working with students to help them define and reach their goals for college and beyond is a tremendous privilege. Beyond that, Julie understands the college admissions process from both sides. She has lived through the process with her three college-aged children and understands it as a parent, not only as a professional. She understands the stress for students, parents, and entire families because she has been there – and she's dedicated to helping you manage the process with empathy and laughter.


Want to learn more about how Helios can help you? Want to make your life easier? Gain an advantage in the college admissions process? Contact us for a complimentary consultation to see if working with Helios is right for you.

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