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Thank you so much for all of your help, guidance, and expertise throughout this incredible (in every sense of the word) journey! We know A has put so much trust and faith in your guidance and you have provided a great deal of support these last 18 months. A has learned and grown so much throughout this challenging process and has approached schools they would not have thought were feasible prior to meeting you. We are grateful for all of your time, energy, and care.

Stacy, Parent, Class of 2024

I got to thank you for everything you did for D. He is living his best life at WashU and I’ve never seen him happier. Now I get to thank you for everything you’ve done for J. Getting his acceptance to Penn State in the aerospace program was AMAZING! He is so excited. Thank you for guiding him and working with him to present the best picture of the amazing kid he is.

Lisa, Parent, Class of 2020 and 2023

I truly can’t thank you enough for all of your help and support over the last four years and specifically this year. I don’t know where I would be without you.

Sophia, Class of 2022

I loved working with you! I learned an incredible amount about myself through the college application research, reflections, and writing process. I am so grateful to have had you by my side. Your guidance significantly reduced my stress and improved my confidence through the long process. I am so excited for Princeton next year!! I could not be happier with how things turned out. I know I will continue to fondly look back on our conversations together on research, personal challenges, and how I could make an impact. I am so glad I met you.

Katie, Class of 2022

Julie, thank you so much for the support over the past two years. You made the college process stress-free for me and I am so grateful. I will be thinking of you through my future college endeavors.

Ali, Class of 2022

Our daughter just finished her first year at the University of Maryland in the Honors program and is doing great. We are grateful for all the support you provided her in her college preparation and are convinced she got into the Honors program due to all the essay work she did with you! We look forward to working with you again with our next daughter.

Liz, Parent, Class of 2021

Thank you for having been the perfect guide through my college process. Before meeting you, I was not convinced that I needed an extra counselor, but you proved to be much more than that. First and foremost, you taught me how to dig deep into my experiences, reflect on my own personal growth, and eloquently present my greatest strengths to others. I really believe you taught me how to write better than most of my high school teachers, and that's a skill I will take far beyond college. Thank you for listening to me, pushing me, and supporting me. You are a blessing!

Martina, Class of 2021

We have told everyone about you and how incredibly supportive you were to her! Beyond expectations. We are blessed to have had you work with A in this process – it really was a journey. She had never really opened up about her personal life, and the conversations around her essay were almost therapeutic for her. I can't explain it, but I sensed her relief every time she would talk to you. You were very kind to her in this process. Thank you.

Bibi, Parent, Class of 2021

Like I've said plenty of times before, I'm so thankful for all you've done to help me succeed and grow as a person, along with all of the encouragement and kindness you've shown me throughout the years. Hopefully, I can have the same impact on others in the future.

Sarah, Class of 2021

Julie, you were an absolute necessity during this tumultuous year. Your knowledge of the process and how things were constantly changing was key to our daughter's success. There are so many details involved, and you kept our daughter, who likes to procrastinate, on track. We appreciated you pushing her to be her very best and never letting her settle. I truly believe our daughter would not have been accepted to her first-choice school without you.

Kelly and Bryan, Parents, Class of 2021

You are amazing and change lives every day. I will be forever thankful the universe brought our paths together and for the impact you've had on all my boys – helping them choose their next steps in a way that has also given them important tools and lessons to carry into adulthood.

Rose, Parent, Class of 2018 and 2021

Julie, we are over the moon. This was quite the process, and you have been our rock and our leader. Thank you for all the many, many ways you steered him and us. Together you and he drew out his best, and he learned an enormous amount about himself, about self-advocacy, and about his potential beyond high school. He will always be grateful to you, as will we. Thank you for your wisdom, your tenacity, your high standards, and your tremendous care for our boy.

Kinney and Scott, Parents, Class of 2020

I can't thank you enough for constantly pushing me to my very best in every aspect of this process. I am so grateful and am glad to have worked with you. I promise to keep that work ethic while at Penn!

Brandon, Class of 2020

I could not possibly express enough gratitude for all your help over the past year. You were an amazing mentor and guiding figure throughout my college process and in life.

Kate, Class of 2019

I am so glad that you broadened my horizons to learn about the school and pushed me to experience another part of the country. Thank you for being my supportive 'second mother' and guiding me to Bowdoin!

Joseph, Class of 2019

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your helping C. I'm crying just thinking about what a difference you made in his life. I cannot thank you enough.

David, Parent, Class of 2019

You have gone above & beyond in helping J. Wherever it may be, we cannot wait to celebrate with you, Julie! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Sean and Jodi, Parents, Class of 2019

Thank you so much for everything, Julie! There is no way I could have done this without you!!!

Josh, Class of 2019

When our family first started the process, we knew how much conflict it would bring so we chose you to make the college selection process a memorable experience. Quickly, you understood our daughter's personality, strengths, difficulties, and future goals. You also got to know our family and frequently exchanged suggestions and ideas in a way where we felt you were always with us. You know when a matter requires immediate attention and treat it accordingly. We have enjoyed this process as it has been a team effort. We cannot recommend you enough when choosing a college counselor to work with other families. We will always be grateful to you for your hard work and dedication.

Mitchell and Elizabeth, Parents, Class of 2018

I just want to give you my personal thanks for everything you did for J way above and beyond the call of duty. You truly are "The Pro."

Doug, Parent, Class of 2018

I've truly enjoyed watching your conversations back and forth with L. I've been trying to stay in the background, only helping out when she asks, so this can be her process rather than mine. It has been a great experience watching her figure some of this out as she goes along. I can already tell she's a much more confident person just for going through the application process with you. Jacki and I agree we hit the "worth every penny" point with you months ago. It's been a remarkably stress-free and efficient autumn for us. Thank you for sparing us the frustration, eye rolling and tooth grinding that probably would have filled these past few months had we tried to assist L on our own. I'll absolutely give your referral to any of my friends with kids looking to get a leg up on their college applications. I have no idea how the next few months of notifications will play out for L. All I do know is we will all come out of it with no regrets. By this time next year, she'll be comfortably enrolled in the perfect college (wherever she is meant to be) and we won't have any "if only" doubts when it's all said and done.

Steve, Parent, Class of 2018

Julie, many thanks for helping O search within himself. Additionally, he has learned more from you regarding how to write a proper essay than he did during his 3 years of high school. You are very good at what you do.

Kristin, Parent, Class of 2018

As I entered the fall of my senior year, I was completely overwhelmed by the prospect of writing dozens of essays to send to colleges all over the country. Immediately after our first meeting, a lot of that anxiety was assuaged by your confidence, kindness, and encouragement. Thank you so much for all of your help in the application process. I really appreciate how you took the steps to get to know me so that you could help me decide where to apply and how to portray myself in my essays. Your editing and tips helped me to feel confident in my writing and that I was putting my best foot forward. I would never wish the college application process on anyone because it is a tedious and overwhelming endeavor. However, working with you made it more enjoyable. I really appreciated your constant patience with all of my questions from SAT scores to essay topics to interview tips. You always went above and beyond with your job. Even after I submitted the applications, you were constantly in contact with me and constantly asked about any updates. You showed a genuine interest in my success, and that really encouraged me. With your help, I was able to have many really great options from schools like Northeastern University, University of Florida, University of Miami, Tulane University, UNC at Chapel Hill, and Cornell University. However, I am most thankful for your guidance in deciding which one would make the most sense and make me the happiest. You helped me to realize what I want and need most in my undergraduate education. My goal was to attend an out-of-state university that would be affordable. With your help, I accomplished this goal; I received thousands of dollars in scholarship offers from multiple schools and have decided to attend Tulane University as a Dean's Honor Scholarship Recipient. I couldn't be more excited for what the future has to offer, and I can never thank you enough!

Melanie, Class of 2017

Thank you for all that you have done for my son! You have shown him and guided him to new paths in his life which will help him reach his dreams. I will always be indebted to you for being part of this important and crucial journey of ours. You were a great teacher – one who could think like him, look like us, and behave like a boss.

Swati, Parent, Class of 2017

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. You made my application exponentially better and instantly more competitive. My college counselor told me that Cornell was a waste of my time but you helped give me a chance at what would become my dream school. I am so glad I heard about your college counseling and had the opportunity to work with you. I will for sure be telling all of my friends in younger grades to work with you through this process because it is something that is 100% worth it. I am confident I would not be at Cornell without your help. Thank you so so much for all of your help from day one of this process. I will make sure to check in with you and let you know how Cornell is. I'm very excited for this next year and I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am. I hope you have a great year, I'm sure all the other kids you helped will also be hearing great news. I will miss working with you. Again, thank you SO much!! I wish you the best.

Gabi, Class of 2017

A​s a student from India, getting a clear picture of education in the US was very tough. However, you made it so easy from the start. From helping me understand each college individually just like I was present at their campus, to making a college list that could not have been a better fit for me, to tirelessly checking all my essays countless times until they couldn't become any better, I don't think I could have gotten into any colleges in the US without your help, support, and guidance. Through this insanely tough year, I saw my peers struggle through the same process and spend countless nights awake trying to meet their deadlines and stressing about their applications. With your help and schedule, it was so easy to finish all my work on time and such a relief submitting almost every application weeks before their deadlines. The way you lived my life with me to try and understand me so that you could help me portray it to college admissions in the best way possible is something I would never expect from anyone else. Today, I feel like you were there for every accomplishment and achievement (big or small) to pat me on my back and say, "well done!" You were always so transparent about everything, telling me clearly if something was out of reach, but making sure that I did everything I could to reach that dream so I didn't let it go. It simply would have been a disaster without you. I will soon be going to one of the best colleges in the world, and I owe it to you. I now know that even if a candidate has everything a college wants to see in them, it must be portrayed in one's application correctly. That is something no one can do better than you. This is definitely my biggest achievement, and I can't be happier to share this moment with you.

Aryaman, Class of 2017

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