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Bucknell University (Part 2)

Bucknell University, part 2! Bucknell's engineering program is impressive enough to merit a post of its own. Here are specifics to help you better understand the Bucknell University College of Engineering.

1. 200 of 900 in each class are in engineering. The smallest engineering department is biomedical engineering with 18 students per year. The largest is mechanical engineering.

2. All engineering students take Engineering 100 first semester. It consists of 3 in-depth, disciplinary seminars that allow you to explore your top three areas of interest in engineering.

3. Engineering students declare their area at the end of first semester and start taking area-specific courses second semester of their first year.

4. Bucknell offers Computer Science degrees through both the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences.

5. Senior engineering students work on a real-life project with a company and present it at Senior Design Expo.

6. Biomedical engineers also work on specific projects during spring semester of junior year and can attend the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting to present their research.

7. There are extensive labs for all 8 areas of engineering offered, including a geotechnical lab with graduate-level equipment, a chemical engineering lab that simulates a chemical plant, a project development lab with heavy machinery, and a mechanical engineering lab with two wind tunnels and the interior of a refrigerator.

8. 25% of engineering students study abroad. The national average for engineering students studying abroad is in the single digits.


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