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Colgate University

I had such a great - and busy - day visiting two colleges! My first stop was Colgate University, where I experienced a tour first - it's a Colgate tradition to give you an chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich at the end of the tour - really, what more do I have to say :) Cookies and ice cream aside, though, I'm in love with the Colgate campus and the town of Hamilton, NY (yes, Colgate is in the town of Hamilton and Hamilton College is NOT in Hamilton). The town and campus are gorgeous! But that's definitely not the only reason to visit. Here are 5 fun facts about Colgate:

1. "13" is a lucky number at Colgate. Every Friday the 13th is called Colgate Day and there are special activities.

2. Colgate has the only undergraduate study program at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

3. Colgate sponsors their own version of Shark Tank for student entrepreneurs; winners get $10K for their business ideas.

4. Alumni networking is huge at Colgate. Freshmen can participate in the Day-in-the-Life program where they shadow an alum, and sophomore can participate in the Sophomore Connection program to make connections for internships and more.

5. Community involvement is key - Colgate wants students to take what they learn in the classroom out into the world and they have many programs in the local community to make this happen - including a program where every sports team sponsors a local elementary school class.


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