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Cornell University

It's college time! First stop, Cornell University! There's so much information to share about Cornell because it has so much to offer. Here are some highlights to help you better understand this incredible - and incredibly "gorges" - place.

• Cornell contains 7 schools - 4 private colleges and 3 land grant institutions.

• A & S is only college where you can apply undecided; you apply directly into a major in other schools.

• There are over 4000 courses offered every year, 2000 of which are in A & S.There are 100 + minors at the university, and you can minor in any school.

• They are seeing a trend towards one major and multiple minors rather than double majors.

• More than 50% of students do research, both in the sciences and the humanities.

• The university emphasizes writing across the curriculum, and all students take a Freshman Writing Seminar, which is capped at 18 students. Popular seminars this year were “Do You Want Fries With That?” and “Jane Austen Made Me Do It.”

• Students must prove intermediate proficiency in a foreign language, and all students must take 2 PE courses and pass a swim test (yes, I’m serious.)

• There is a 3-tiered advising system - peer advisor, faculty advisor, and advising deans

• They have 24 hour texting with librarians.

• All freshmen live together on North Campus.

• There’s a theater theme house (Risley) and a music theme house (JAM), among others. 30% of students are in the Greek system.

• Admissions is looking for applicants to have the most rigorous math, science, and English curricula possible.

• Your common app essay should be in your voice and show your character.

• Each college has a different culture. Make sure you apply to the college that is the best fit for you and that you demonstrate that fit in your application.


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