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DePaul University (Part 1)

Here are things you should know about DePaul:

• It’s named after St. Vincent de Paul, the patron saint of works of charity/community service. This informs everything about DePaul, which prides itself on the Vincentian values of service and leadership.

• DePaul is the largest Catholic university in the country (16,000 undergrads/23,000 total students), but it makes a point of being welcoming to students of all faiths. As one student told me, “if you want to be religious, there are plenty of opportunities. If you want to completely ignore the religious aspect, you can easily do so.”

• Seven different colleges make up the university: College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, College of Science & Health, College of Education, College of Theatre and Music, College of Communication, College of Computing & Digital Media, & the Driehaus College of Business.

• There are two campuses, Lincoln Park and the Loop. Lincoln Park has a true college feel with a quad and green spaces. The Loop is a true urban campus.

• Lincoln Park is home to all programs related to the liberal arts and sciences. The Loop is home to the communication, computing & digital media, and business. It’s a 20 minute El ride between campuses. A metro pass in included in tuition.

• DePaul is “anti-bubble/pro-experience.” Chicago is fully part of the classroom. "Explore Chicago" is a required course taken first quarter freshman year so students get to know the city and its resources.

• Students average 4 internships during 4 years, often starting freshman year. Many students do more than 4 internships.

• It’s test optional (for real).

• There are many academic, service, and leadership scholarships - up to $20,000/year. Apply EA to be considered.

• DePaul is extremely focused on outcomes and therefore has a strong career center and a robust alumni mentoring program called ASK - Alumni Sharing Knowledge in addition to internships and co-ops that prepare students for success in the real world.

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