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Hamilton College

My second stop today was Hamilton College (which, as I explained in my first post, is NOT in Hamilton, NY, but close by in Clinton, NY). A small liberal arts college, Hamilton has a much different vibe than Colgate. The campus is more spread out and the atmosphere more laid back. It's an extremely welcoming place where people talk about the "Hamily" - a contraction of Hamilton and family because they say Hamilton students are like a family. Here are 5 fun facts about Hamilton (the school, not the musical):

1. Hamilton prides itself on graduating strong communicators - both writers and speakers. They have both a writing center and an oral communications center to help students.

2. Hamilton is very into learning foreign languages! There are several study abroad programs where students sign contracts promising not to speak English from the moment they leave the USA until the moment they return.

3. Students live on campus all 4 years at Hamilton.

4. The largest club is the outdoors club; more than 1/2 of Hamilton students participate in the club. The second most popular club is the People Who Like To Have Fun club.

5. Hamilton has Crucial Community Conversations regularly scheduled so that the entire community talks about issues like race, class and gender to create an open and inclusive community where things are not swept under the rug.

If this sounds like you, they will welcome you with open arms!


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