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Haverford College

Second stop on this year’s college tour: Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania. How do you know if this is a school for you? If you’re looking for a small liberal arts college that emphasizes social justice and student agency, look closely at Haverford! Here’s more to know about this school that does a fabulous job empowering its students:

1. Haverford is also part of the tri-college consortium with Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Colleges. Students can take courses, eat meals, and attend events free of charge at all three schools. Haverford students can also take classes at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia as long as the course is not offered by the consortium schools.

2. Though Haverford is only 1300 students, you can make it as big or small as you want. 96% of students take classes at Bryn Mawr.

3. Deeply rooted in Quaker values - no longer religious but still value equity, collaboration, inclusion

4. Haverford operates on an Honor Code that is centered on trust, concern, and respect. The Honor Code is a living document that is ratified by the students twice yearly. Socially, the Honor Code creates an atmosphere that encourages students to explore who they are and want to be. Academically, the honor code means exams are not proctored and are self-scheduled.

5. To create the culture Haverford values, freshman participate in the Customs Program. Groups of 12-16 freshman are paired with 6 upperclass students who provide support and guidance as freshman adjust to Haverford. These relationships continue throughout the rest of students’ time at Haverford.

6. All students at Haverford write a senior thesis on a topic of their own choice. The senior thesis is one of your classes senior year. It’s graduate-level original creative research. This means 100% of Haverford students do research!

7. Academics are rigorous, but life balance is extremely important. Classes are not allowed from 4:00 - 7:00pm and athletic practices are not allowed during the day. This ensures students don’t have to choose between classes and activities and can participate fully in both.

8. About 90-95% of applicants are academically qualified so the admissions office is looking for fit. They read your teacher recs before your essay, so make sure your teacher recs show who you are and make you stand out.

9. Haverford is the top producer of Fulbright Scholars in both number and percentage. The college also has med school and law school acceptance rates over 90%.

10. Haverford has the #1 ranked varsity cricket team in the US. It’s also the only varsity cricket team in the US :)


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