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Lehigh University

Perhaps the first thing you notice when you arrive at Lehigh is that it more than slightly resembles Hogwarts. Thus, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you will feel right at home. Of course, football fans, engineers, entrepreneurs, leaders, those who like merit scholarships, and those who appreciate gorgeous campuses will also feel at home at Lehigh. This looks like a campus out of a picture book. Seriously. But it feels quite real and friendly. When I asked an admissions rep for her top 3 descrIptors of Lehigh, this is what she said:

1. Sense of humor

2. Interdisciplinary

3. Connected

My top takeaways from my info session, tour, and meeting with admissions reps are:

1. Lehigh likes leaders - those who demonstrate leadership in the applications, those who are leaders on campus, and those who use their Lehigh education to become leaders in their fields and communities post Lehigh.

2. Lehigh likes demonstrated interest. You can demonstrate your interest in many ways, from visiting and interviewing to emailing questions to admissions reps to posting pictures with #Lehigh. The single best way to demonstrate interest, though, is to apply Early Decision. Last year Lehigh accepted 50% of their incoming class ED.

3. Lehigh likes interdisciplinary education. There are 3 colleges that comprise Lehigh: arts & sciences, engineering, business & economics. It's easy to transfer between colleges, and most students take classes in all 3 colleges before graduation.

4. Lehigh has been invested in community since its inception. Lehigh was founded to meet a community need for engineers. Bethlehem was a steel community, and engineers were needed for railroads, bridges, and such. Lehigh trained engineers to meet the need. Since then Lehigh has continued its commitment to community involvement through hands-on education, partnerships with the local middle school, a program with the UN where students work with NGOs, service learning courses, and more.

5. Lehigh likes achievement - and funds it, too! Every Lehigh student who maintains a 3.75 GPA over the course of 4 years is eligible for a President's Scholarship, which funds one year of a master's degree program. In other words, by studying hard you can earn free higher education! Pretty awesome!

6. Lehigh is a small school with big school spirit! Lehigh has Division 1 athletics and a spirit week that includes things like bed races (with the beds built by engineering students) and a tradition where you can have the marching band come play Lehigh fight songs in your 8am chemistry class or elsewhere.


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