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Loyola University

Loyola University Chicago is also on Lake Michigan (like Northwestern University), has two campuses and is a Catholic university with strong traditions of service and social justice (like DePaul University), but it definitely stands on its own merits. I was impressed by the warmth and community I encountered as well as the passion for supporting students to be successful in college and preparing them to be successful afterwards. There are 8 schools distributed between the suburban Lakeshore campus and the Water Tower campus in downtown Chicago: Arts & Sciences, Communication, Business, Education, Social Work, Nursing, Environmental Sustainability, and Engineering Science.

Here are things you should know:

• Arts & Sciences is the oldest and largest college.

• Nursing is the most competitive to get into and houses programs in nursing, health system management, and exercise science.

• Loyola is ranked one of the top 10 sustainable institutions in the country.

• There’s an engaged learning requirement to ensure all students participate in some kind of experiential learning.

• There’s an impressive number (33!) of 5-year dual degree (BA/MA) programs plus early assurance acceptance programs medicine, pharmacy, and law. All social work students are automatically enrolled in a 5-year combined program since social workers need an MSW in order to practice.

• The advising system is robust and includes The Office of First Year Experience, The Center for Experiential Learning and Career Development, and preprofessional advising. Last year more than 70% of premed students were accepted into med school; the national average is under 50%.

• Loyola has campuses in Rome, Beijing, and Ho Chi Minh City and participates in 100 study abroad programs around the world.

• Loyola University Chicago is the largest Jesuit university in the US.

• 60% of students are NOT Catholic, making it a welcoming place for a very diverse student body.

• 20-25% of students participate in Greek life.

On campus, you don’t want to miss:

• Cudahy Library’s green doors, which open twice per year - for freshman convocation and graduation. Students walk through them to begin and end their Loyola experience.

• The view of Lake Michigan from the Information Commons, which has a rear wall entirely made of glass.

• The Madonna della Strada Chapel with stained glass windows, an organ, and a baptismal font.

• The Institute for Environmental Sustainability’s Searle Biodiesel Lab, which creates biodiesel fuel for campus shuttles and BioSoap, which is recognized by EPA Safer Choice Program and used in campus bathrooms.

If you plan to apply, remember Loyola is NOT on the common app. You must apply directly to Loyola using their application. They have rolling admissions, though students must apply by December 1 to be considered for merit aid and specialty scholarships for majors or talents. Over 90% of students get scholarships or grants!


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