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Skidmore College

Not to be outdone by Colgate, Skidmore College gives you cookies during your tour :) My mint chocolate chip cookie was amazing - as was my day at this incredibly warm, beautiful, nurturing liberal arts college that takes the arts part of liberal arts as seriously as many conservatory programs do. My 5 fun facts about Skidmore are:

1. It's test optional, meaning you don't have to submit standardized test scores

2. It's extremely environmentally conscious with many building using geo thermal heating and cooling and a Skidmore Unplugged contest every fall where the winner is the dorm that reduces its energy usage the most.

3. There's a special First Year Experience program at Skidmore in London. 35 freshmen spend their first Skidmore semester studying in London.

4. Stage Lighting counts as a core course for the quantitative reasoning core requirement.

5. The computers in the library have Photoshop!


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