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Union College

Another day, another college :) Today I went to Union College in Schenectady, New York. It's a small liberal arts college that often goes under the radar, but it's definitely worth checking out! It has some unique programs and a wonderful sense of community. When I asked some students why they chose Union, they told me that it's a small school with big school spirit and a place where everyone tries everything and no one is judged. How can you argue with that?!?! Here are 5 things you should know about Union:

1. 75% of students do research with a professor, and Steinmetz Research Day - where classes are cancelled and all students present their research - is one of the most exciting days of the year at Union.

2. They offer an interdisciplinary major where students get to combine 80% of one major with 60% of another major and make it into one interdisciplinary major.

3. They offer an 8-year leadership in medicine program where students are accepted into medical school at the same time they are accepted into college AND a 6-year law and public policy program where students are accepted into law school at the same time they are accepted into college (& they finish both degrees in 6 years rather than 7 years)!

4. They want students to eat well and be happy so the dining halls ask parents to submit their kids' favorite recipes and the dining halls actually make and serve some of the dishes.

5. History of the Holocaust is the largest class on campus because everyone loves the professor who teaches it and wants to hear his lectures.

And one extra thing - Union is truly test optional! 40% of enrolled students did NOT submit standardized test scores.


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